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To enhance teachers' effectiveness by capitalizing on the proven methods used by successful teachers.


GATE is premeditated to be the seat of learning for the teachers of LGES to transfigure the existing potential to optimum capacity and to convert them into forward looking change agents. GATE aspires to deliver excellence in teacher education by encouraging sense of ownership and commitment. Upholding high quality standards, based on scientifically validated research for creative pedagogical practices is the core vision at GATE.


GATE has been established to develop teachers' competence and make them proficient through practice in current techniques, strategies and skill. With this empowerment-teachers would plan and impart instructions, provide appropriate reinforcement and implement effective assessment procedures.Continuous professional Development is the only effective tool that can bring the desired change in our educational institutions.


GATE was envisioned as a training institute that would progress to offer professional development to all LGES teachers. The plan was launched on 15th January 2015 and the first blue print of the training time line was presented to the Patron in February, 2015. The journey from its vision to inauguration is a miracle happening in less than a year. The foundation stone was laid on 15th April and within six months time, GATE was inaugurated on 28th October- a quantum leap in the history of LGES. Since the beginning, the intellectual growth and development of teachers have been at the core of every training session designed by GATE. Being a non –profit organization, all trainings are given for free. From educating new inductees and need-based cases to training the trainers themselves GATE is enroute to developing a cadre of eager and professional educationists across LGES institutes


GATE is committed to:
  • Establishing a framework for teachers' professional development and personal grooming.
  • Developing conceptual, intellectual and subject-specific skills.
  • Strengthening teachers' interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Instilling values, ethics and positive attitudes.
  • Providing an amalgamation of teaching methodologies, pedagogical theory and professional skills to promote holistic development.