• TOT: 2-3 years experience, competent teachers with better communication and interpersonal skils, active members of Sub-Hub Training.

  • SBT: 1 year experience Need based.

  • Middle Managers Development Programme: All section heads

  • CLIC-II: 2 years experience, who have attended CLIC-I (in house training)

  • Developement of Communication Skils: English Teachers, at least 2-3 years experience

  • Behavior Management: 2-3 years experience-competent teachers

  • Teacher Education: 2-3 years experience-competent teachers

  • EYE: Pre-school teachers with at least 2 years experience-need based

Courses Offered
  • Training of the Trainers (TOT)

  • Specific Subject Based Trainings (SSBT)

  • Middle Managers Development Programme

  • Computer Literacy Introductory Course

  • Developing Language Proficiency

  • Behaviour Management

  • Teacher Education: Classroom Competencies

  • Early Year Education (EYE)