Garrison Academy for Teachers Education

A HUB of Training for LGES teachers; being effectively utilized for Teachers' Training to improve vital facets of teaching

Director's Messgae

Ms Sadia Noman

Director GATE

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Trainings at GATE. I feel privileged to lead a vibrant Training Centre that offers such great opportunities.

At GATE we believe that education and training offer people the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We are proud of our caring environment, where we set high standards and expectations of teachers to achieve their very best. From the moment they enter the Training Centre we make them feel a sense of happiness and belonging as this is essential to their future success. The Team at GATE is here to guide and advise you.


“Think Positive, Be Positive and Positive Things Will Happen in Your Life.”

All these three things are one click away from you. Keep the negativity aside and join us here at GATE for a great change in your life. We hope that you enjoy your time spent on the training.


Our Services

Pedagogy Based on APSACS Curriculum

Effective teaching practices

Meaningful Utilization of Teaching Resources

Audio / Visual aids and other

Good Classroom Management

Ensuring maximum students’ participation

Lesson Planning; Differentiated Instruction

To meet individual needs of Students

Inculcation of Core Life Skills

Like citizenship / patriotism, critical thinking & problem solving, digital literacy, Collaboration & communication

Holistic Child Development

Character & personality building

Grooming of Teachers

As professionals; appearance, communication & attire


Enhancing Teachers’ effectiveness, competence and quality through continuous professional development.


To empower the teachers through continuous professional development so that they get an insight of higher centers of learning and contribute positively towards excellence and quality education in their respective institutions.