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“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ―Ernest Hemingway


Teachers' professional development is a continuous process and its pre service and in service components are complementary to each other. It is ever evolving and dynamic. In order to prepare teachers to face the challenges of a dynamic society. Teacher education has to keep abreast with current development and trends. It must include pedagogical theories that are rich in philosophical, sociological and psychological considerations and hands on activities that can enhance their skill so that they can address students' learning challenges. To be effective, Professional development requires thoughtful planning followed by careful implementation, supervision and feedback. Continuous Professional Development is both a philosophy and a methodology; it can assist institutions to manage a gradual change. Teachers' educational programmes at ARITE GATE will result in the paradigm shift to address the needs of 21st century which is need of the time individuals and society.

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Mission / Vision
Mission: To enhance teachers' effectiveness by capitalizing on the proven methods used by successful teachers.
Vision: GATE is premeditated to be the seat of learning for the teachers of LGES to transfigure the existing potential to optimum capacity and to convert them into forward looking change agents....
GATE has been established to develop teachers' competence and make them proficient through practice in current techniques, strategies and skill. With this empowerment-teachers would plan and impart instructions, provide appropriate reinforcement and implement effective assessment procedures.Continuous professional Development...
GATE was envisioned as a training institute that would progress to offer professional development to all LGES teachers. The plan was launched on 15th January 2015 and the first blue print of the training time line was presented to the Patron in February, 2015. The journey from its vision to inauguration...


What we offer

Courses Offered

  1. Staff Developement Certificate Course (SDCC)
  2. Staff Developement Diploma Course (SDDC)
  3. Early Childhood Learning Certificate Course (ECLC)
  4. Early Childhood Learning Diploma Course (ECLC)
  5. Developing Language Proficiency
  6. Behaviour Management
  7. Teacher Education: Classroom Competencies
  8. Early Year Education (EYE)


Garrison Academy For Teacher Education, Tufail Road Lahore Cantt.




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